American Spirit and an Unusual Inheritance

With Independence Day right around the corner I was just itching to work on a project that would bring a Patriotic theme to our cottage. After all, we are still deep in construction (or should I say destruction). Our new window and back door are in and they look wonderful, but there are still shingles to go up and trim to paint, not to mention the work that still needs to be done on the inside. The project required us to pull up the floor in the back hall. Now we have the task of putting everything back in place and putting up new trim to make everything blend in together.
   There was, however, one small distraction from our current work-in-progress. I made a trip to Cranberry Horn and came back with large stack of slate shingles. These date back to my mother's painting projects (she's been gone almost 10 years) and my father was happy to have them find a new home. Some of them still have her handiwork on them. I haven't quite decided what to do with those, but I knew that there was one project in particular that I was dying to work on. With all of the current Patriotic themes that are flooding the boards on Pinterest and the various blogs I knew that I had to create my own flag themed welcome sign.
    I started with a smaller slate and used blue paint tape to mark off  the edges about a 1/4" in on all the sides. I wanted the dark slate to show all the way around like a frame for the design. From there I used a white semi-gloss enamel to paint the base rectangle. I tend to hoard paint and this was the perfect color for what I wanted.
   Once the white was dry I marked off the stripes with blue tape and used a ruler to figure out where I wanted the blue box to situated. Blue tape worked perfectly since it was just the width that I wanted for my strips. All I had to do was paint red over the top. The red I used was a acrylic craft paint, but I mixed it with a little bit of the white in order to give it a weathered look. I did the same for the blue box and painted that as well. I made sure to remove the tape as the paint was setting, not completely dry. This gave me the chance to take a paintbrush and fix any flaws in the lines. I didn't want it perfect, but I did want it to look crisp. Once the lines and the base were dry I used a stencil to put the stars on the blue box. Because of the size, I wasn't able to put in the 50 stars. Instead, I opted for a whimsicle design and put large and small stars at alternating angles. They aren't perfect, but they were just the effect I was going for.
   I let the whole thing dry and made sure everything was touched up before I covered the whole front with a coat of stain. Again, I used what I had on hand. A gel stain works well for this, but I actually used a rag and regular stain. Once this all dried (I gave it a day or so), I coated the whole thing with clear enamel spray. The only thing left was to add the leather strap for hanging and stand back to get a look.
   In the end I decided that it should go to my father for hanging at Cranberry Horn. It's only right that the former one-room schoolhouse have a flag flying at it's door. Our cottage will have to wait until I have the time to make another. Or maybe I'll just have to come up with something different. I've been contemplating a design incorporating an pig from an old fashioned butcher shop sign into something catchy to welcome our guests. I'll let you know how it all turns out. In the meantime, I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day! Enjoy!   

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