A Little Archeological Renovation

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of buying our 1950's ranch turned cottage. We knew immediately when we looked at the house that it was the one we wanted. It was a diamond in the rough, but we were more than willing to jump in with both feet. Now, looking back, I'm not quite sure that we fully appreciated just how deep the renovation waters were going to get.
     Originally, our house sported an awful, syrupy maroon paint on wide spaced shingles and a living room that was comprised of three separate sections with smaller awning style windows that ran along the bottom. We learned pretty quickly that the big window had three major drawbacks. 1. It was old and leaked out the heat faster than the furnace could produce it. 2. It was huge (about 7 x 10) and the sunlight could be blinding in the afternoons. 3. It was like living in a fishbowl. That much glass made us feel like we were constantly on stage for all to see.
     About ten years ago we replaced the window with a nice custom window with six over one grills and screens that didn't fall out when we opened the window. The style fits more with the cottage feel we were going for and goes nicely with the natural shingles we used to replace the horrendous maroon ones. Here and there we've made plenty of upgrades, built a nice deck on the back, and done our fair share of reuse, repurpose and just plain renovate throughout the house. But it's a never ending process.
     Our latest project involved replacing another of the old windows. This time in the dining room. Hubby gave in to my pleading and put a slightly bigger window. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go as planned. When he got the old window out (it fell apart upon removal) he found that there was water damage underneath the window. Being the nice guy he is he finished the window and started tracing the damage. This led to the discovery that the back door out onto the deck had damage underneath it and the door and part of the sill would have to be replaced. But we also discovered that the original floor in the kitchen dining room was a checkerboard tan and white vinyl, very vintage and cute and the bones of the house showed us that doors had been changed and openings made narrower.
     Undaunted, my hubby pulled out his trusty tools and went to work. But what started out as a 1-2 day job has turned into a multi-day project. Luckily, we're on vacation this week, so we've got time to put toward it. But once he got started on the door he realized that this meant the floor in the
back hall would have come up (we were going to replace it anyway) and then we decided that now would be time to update the light out onto the deck. He really is very patient. So, here we are at the beginning of our vacation and we're racing to get the door put in before another rain storm hits the area.
     I have a feeling I'm going to pay dearly for him indulging me with my new window.

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