It's the Little Things

I don't think that I say this enough, but I really do have the best hubby in the world. After almost 22 years of marriage he's never phased when he hears the words "do you think you could do something for me?" He's had a lot of practice. After all, how many men have women who write romance suspense novels, obsess over of vintage dishware and have been known to chase a spirit or two? So, I'm not sure why it surprised me so much today when I asked him to drill a hole through a plate for me to make a birdbath and he took the project and ran with it!

But before I show you what a beautiful job he did, let me show you what my rehab project for today was...

Yup, it's a canoe. I can still remember going with my father to pick up the canoe out of a barn in Oxford when I was around my son's age. When my father told me he was thinking about getting rid of it I begged him to take it off his hands. Unfortunately, it hasn't been in the water in quite a few years and there was more than a little scrubbing needed to get rid of the aging process, but I'm so close to going for a ride in it that I can smell the water. Soon. Maybe next week for my birthday if I'm lucky!

Anyway, while I was scrubbing away on the canoe, hubby was working his magic with a drill. The idea for the bird bath came from a visit I made quite a few years ago to a wonderful little town in Western Pennsylvania called Ligonier. They had tons of shops with awe inspiring stuff. One shop in particular had birdbaths from vintage plates. I'd actually bought the plate years ago, but today was the day when it got it's new home. Lucky for me the hubby even created a post for it and put together with a screw, a little silicone and a whole lot of love.
Other than a little paint on the post, it's all set for the birdies. Thankfully for them my cats have become indoor cats for good. But just in case the neighborhood kitties (or the silver fox we've had hanging around) decide to snack they're going to have a hard time of it. Hubby put a very long post on it. It was so cute that I could help but laugh! To give you an idea of just how tall the post is... check out his pic.

As you can see, he put it along the hedge line I'm creating out of forsythia. We had a large stockade style fence that blew down and since I'm too thrifty to put another one up I decided to rely on the fact that forsythia have the amazing ability to grow just about anywhere with very little incentive. I strung a line on the old fence line and cut new growth shoots from the oversized tree (shadowing the picnic table). I plan on adding to it every year until it is thick and full and in a couple of years I will have a hedge that will be a blessing at a fraction of the cost! Yeah me!

So I couldn't end the post without showing off another thrifty planting of mine. These lillies once were one clump at the very end of the fence line. They were here before we bought the house.

Two years ago we decided we'd had enough of the bare landscaping on the front of the house and split the clump into groupings. They have just bloomed and are absolutely gorgeous. They make me think of the gorgeous lillies that line the driveways along my favorite places in Pennsylvania. Here in Maine we only get such a short time to enjoy them, but down there they get a full, hot summer of the beauty, right from the full mound of leaves to the fragrant blooms. I may not have roses to stop and smell, but maybe a walk in the garden with my hubby will do just fine for this fine summer evening. Enjoy!

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