An Old Friend

Sometime in the 80's my mother asked my father for a new camera for Christmas. Up until then I think we'd had only a small Kodak that took the long, thin cartridge film and gave you somewhat varied, often surprising results (often not a good surprise). In my father's defense, he thought it would be a good thing to buy my mother a big expensive camera. Bigger and more expensive was surely better. But unfortunately it was not what my mother truly wanted. The camera rarely left the china cabinet for years until sometime in the 90's when I told her I was thinking of taking an adult ed photography course. She quickly handed it over. There were too many buttons for her, she complained. To many ways to point and shoot. She never did get the hang of it, but I certainly found enjoyment in the old camera. About 10 years ago I had to change the battery in it and I bought an after market telephoto lens for it that is wonderful, but other than that I've had nothing save enjoyment from my Canon AE-1.

But alas, in the age of digital photography it has come to pass that my beloved Canon has become a dinosaur. I adore the pictures I take with it, but since I don't develop my own photos it has become a pain to try and find someone to do it for me. Snapfish is good, but I have to send it away and then wait for the time for development. WalMart is faster, but the quality is not quite as good. I've tried digital cameras. I've even used a modified digital with a converted lens that I created for ghost hunting (another story, another blog), but I have yet to be able to afford a digital camera that gives me the sharpness and quality that comes with my Canon. I guess I'll just have to save my pennies for now. In the meantime, be patient with my pictures. There is only so much you can do in the editing process. Hopefully soon I'll be able to give you the pictures this blog deserves. But I think I'm still going to hold onto my Canon.

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