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2011 was a year spent in transition for my family. My daughter graduated high school and headed off to college and there was a mass of events and milestones to prepare for all. During it all my son was making his way from pre-teen to teen with the speed of an out of control train and all things that needed to be done, we were ignoring a lot of things that we just didn't have the time to change. His room was one of those things

The style of his room is still pretty much the same as when he was toddler. I had designed it so that it would transition from child and upward... I just didn't think he'd be a teenager before I got the chance to change it. I should also explain that my sons room is the smallest in the house at 10x10. He has long accused us of giving him the closet to live in when in reality he got the room that was my office before he was born. It's not a bad room. It has the biggest closet in the house (strange, strange builder?!) and it gets great afternoon light. But the time had come. I just needed to jump in and do something about making it more teen-like.

I'll give you a "before" shot, since this is going to be an ongoing project that is going to take awhile. Note the gigantic tv. (Thank you Auntie Deb <sigh>).  The decor was definitely coastal with a print from The Island Institute and blue border with sailing ships. I had faux painted the walls and it was one of the few rooms that had a real inspiration when I designed it. But it was time to change.

The first thing I needed to do was find a better place for that monstrosity of a black hole television.

This is what I found! It came from the local thrift store and it covered all my criteria. It's a beautiful pine that is sturdy and well made. The original builder went so far as to sink the screws and cover them. Very impressive. The design was tall to fit on the narrow wall and would be a good place to put the growing collection of games, aparatus and maybe even a stereo. The best part?! It was half price day at the thrift store and it only cost me $10!

I went to work sanding the high gloss polyurethane and giving the new paint something to grip. There was much discussion over the color, but we settled on a black velvety color that has great depth. I painted and painted and painted and in the end I had more on me than on the stand, but it turned out well (despite the cat prints that Chig decided to put in the tacky paint when I wasn't looking).
And here's how it turned out.
I apologize for the darkness. I think I took 50 shots just trying to get one that had the right lighting. In the end, I'm very happy with the stand. In fact, it turned out better than I could have hoped. I will have to repaint the walls and removed my beloved print, but for now I'm just happy it's all off the floor. My son even has a spot for his beloved Nike's on the stool his Uncle Warren made for him. Getting that tv up higher opened up the room and made it feel bigger. Yeah! No more closet! And the black makes it feel like a more mature room.

In all, the project cost me about $20. I bought the quart of paint and have plenty for more projects. The supplies were all ones that I had. But the stand was the good find.

Wondering what happened to the guitar?

Having been his great grandfather's guitar it's one of his most prized possessions. For now, it's become a headboard! Just right for hanging beneath the dark wood shelf we inherited with the house. Excuse the pillows, please. It is, after all, a teen's room.

So, what has been your best thrift store find lately?

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