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Today has been wonderful! It's always nice to have a weekend day off with the family, but when I get to do some of my favorite activities it just makes it soooo much better. I didn't have any pressing places to be or things that absolutely needed to be done so I was free to create and imagine. I started by trying to get the deck back into shape after the recent window and door renovation. We didn't even have the chairs out yet and it's mid-July. Hard to enjoy the deck when there is nothing on it.

I started by bringing out my favorite bench. My Uncle Warren was a wonderful artisan who could create something out of just about anything. I'm blessed to have a few of his pieces, but this bench was one that he made for me. It's made from wood from around his son's camp and it's sturdy, rough-hewn and perfect for setting a cold drink on a hot summer evening. Or setting anything else. So I set about putting out a few favorites. Have a look and seen what you think.
The lid is off a prized washing tub and the candle holder is actually something my husband salvaged from the bins at work. They were designed to hold Christmas decorations, but they work just fine for my votive candles. The seashells are a constant around here and there are even some in the little Nantucket basket that my sister gave me.
The silver handle scoop was a yard sale find that I picked up today. Another fun activity that I don't usually get to do because of the retail job.

Once I got everything together I realized that it was missing something. Time to take on another project that I've been contemplating. The wood for the sign came pre-distressed having been in the salvage pile after my father redid the garage at Cranberry Horn. The color is the original paint and the distress is why he ended up redoing it. But I'm not complaining. It gave me a chance to make this great sign.

The buoy is one of Uncle Warren's, as well! All I did for the sign was sand down some of the roughness, transfer the lettering and paint it with a paint pen! Voila! I love it and it looks perfect.

So, that was my excitement for a great Saturday. There's nothing left, but to sit back with that cold drink and enjoy my deck... or do the dishes, or the laundry... or all the other things I didn't do while I was having fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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