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I was tired yesterday. I'd opened the store, so that meant my day started sometime around 4:30... in the morning. Yup, there is one. Anyway, I was determined to get to my local thrift store yesterday because it was 1/2 price day and I'm on the search for an entertainment center for son's room. (More on that to come). And, of course, since I was there I had to check out the dishes.

Let me just clue you in on something. I LOVE dishes. I love anything from around 30's, 40's and 50's, but I don't discriminate if it's something truly incredible. I have quite a collection. More than my small kitchen can hold, but I'm working on that as well. Anyway, yesterday I made a great find. Check it out!

These are circa 1960's Hazel Atlas Souvenir glasses from Niagara Falls. I've never been to Niagara Falls, but I love the pictures surrounding the glasses and the fancy gold rim added to the top and they are in MINT condition. Best of all... there are 6 of them! I was so excited I scooped them right up. It wasn't until I got home that I was able to determine that they were produced by Hazel Atlas. Don't know anything about the company? Google them. I was amazed at the amount of products that I had either had or seen over the years that were made by the company.

So, the question is do I pass them on to someone else that will love them or do I hoard them... err, keep them for myself? Hubby was quite intrigued by them, but he mentioned that it doesn't help if I just keep it all. Looks like they are going to go into the Etsy shop that I'm putting together. Or not...

We'll see

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