I'm in Love...

I was browsing Pinterest in an effort to figure out what color to paint my latest project and came across these beautiful curtains from Dear Lillie... I'm in Love! (And that's love with the big "L"). Every once in awhile you come across something and wonder how it is that you hadn't thought of doing it before. Kind of a handslap to the forehead moment. This was one of them.

Check out the great tutorial at Dear Lillie: Painted Curtains and Pillows:

In the meantime, today was supposed to be the day I listed more items in my Etsy Shop, but instead it decided to be one of those days when everything is just a little harder to get done then it should be.
On the upside, we got Tori settled into her Dorm at Alvernia yesterday!
You know you've got it bad when you start looking at the bare walls and blank floors of a dorm room and start imagining how you would decorate it. I think Tori would prefer to just order a bunch of posters online to fill up the walls. She's resistant to her mother's suggestions :)

Anyway, after a 9 hour trip to Pennsylvania and a 10 1/2 hour trip home (don't ask), I had plenty of time to think about the projects I wanted to accomplish this week.

Here's project # 1

This was my grandmother's sewing stand and it has some great storage for what nots. Currently, it has become a resting place for the cats while they do their daily search for birds, but it's in need of TLC and it's first on the list this week!

This is project #2

This is a fabulous find from my friend and fellow cohort Teri! She got a beautiful new stand and told me I could have the old one... as long as I hauled it away! I think it has some promising lines and I'm envisioning something that stands a little higher, so there may be some feet added to it. We shall see.

Then, there's project #3

This is a special request from hubby. He's grown very attached to the ottoman and asked that instead of trashing it that I save it. I've never reupolstered anything before in my life, but I figure this is a good place to start. We shall see. Wish me luck!

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