Greetings from Cranberry Horn!

It's November 2nd and 60 degrees here on the coast of Maine. Hard to believe that it's so warm. Last week I had to scrape my windshield several times, just to go to work.

And it was a chiller killer for the last football game of the season for the Brunswick Freshman Dragons. The cold didn't matter and they were able to finish the season undefeated! The first Freshman team to go undefeated in the history of the school. Just to celebrate, I decorated my Durango to support the team! I'm so proud of them all!

Fall in Maine means it's time for Fryeburg Fair. Hubby and son and I headed off to enjoy it and the weather was beautiful.

I got to peruse the exhibit halls and son and hubby indulged in Sunflower pizza. An obsession that my mom got them hooked on. The only place to get it is Fryeburg Fair and it's well worth the wait!

Now that Halloween is done and hunting season is underway I won't see much of the Hubs, but that's okay because it means he won't notice how much I'm spending on cloth and craft supplies in prep for the holidays! Stay tuned, I've got an easy blanket project coming and a few more tricks up my sleeve!

Stay warm!

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