Anyone else having garden fever? I never thought it'd be me that caught this bug. After all, I can't keep houseplants alive. But, the gene is in my blood and that translates into a lot of planning and scheming once the new year is here.

This was my garden a couple of years ago. I didn't plant one last year because we knew that we were going to have to put a new roof on the house and I didn't want it to be in the way. But seriously, I missed having a garden. Not only are the veggies that come out of it way tastier than the ones that we sell at the store, but the cost savings is incredible. Take into account the squash plants pictured above. Now squash are not that expensive, but the ones that come out of the garden are usually larger than what you buy. Also, they are a great substitute for some of those things that you would normally just buy on the fly as a side dish. We got a lot of sautéing and breads and everything else out of those few plants. Zucchini and Summer squash can be quite plentiful and grow well in less-than-ideal conditions.
We treat our garden as a work-in-progress, an experiment of sorts. If something doesn't work, we take a look at why and we adjust. Or sometimes the solution was just to throw it out all together. Melons didn't work for us. We had them in a separate garden, but what we found was that the spot we put them in was too shaded and didn't receive enough direct sunlight. Also, being in Maine means we have to adjust our expectations for growing times. We got those melons and pumpkins in too late for them to do anything.
Another thing we always do is add something to the soil to make it better. When we moved into our house 20+ years ago, we realized that there was very little in the way of workable soil. The lot was originally a dumping spot for the town to put their rocks before this house was built. We don't have to go far down to find this.

Over  the next couple of months I'll be posting some of my gardening plans, tips and helpful sites that I've found. Gardens don't have to be huge. They can be a container garden on your steps if that's all you've got for space. My uncle Warren had the most incredible garden and it was in a very small workable spot. Make do with what you have and make the most of it.

For now, I'm going to leave you with a link for a site that I discovered today. It's called My Square Foot Garden. They are selling a book of the same name, but there are some wonderful tips for any skill gardener on the page. Check it out!

Stay warm and keep dreaming. Spring is coming!

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