What's on Your Planning List?

Like most everyone else I've got Spring Fever so bad that I can practically taste it. As I blog I'm sitting at my kitchen window looking at the sharp edge of ice that is slowly curling off the roof. We put a metal roof on last summer, so it's been an experience for us listening as the snow thunder off the roof in great sheets! Despite the noise, I am glad hubby is not up there trying to shovel of the roof. That's a definite plus.

Excuse the photo quality, but it was a spur of the moment addition. This is the window that hubby put in two years ago to replace one of the last aging windows that were original to the house. I went with a 6 over 1 division to match the front of the house, and the extended window jamb so that I would have plenty of sill space. (The cats think it's for them.)

Just a reminder of just what putting the window in entailed, here's hubby working on cleaning up the opening from the previous window. The old window was a single paned glass that had lost any hope of keeping out the cold. We chose to replace it with this new wonderful window that maximized the opening and highlighted my backyard. Clearly, this is my favorite view since this is the one I look at while I'm supposed to be writing.


As we did with all the windows in our post WWII ranch, we have insulated and put weather proofing Tyvek around the openings to keep out the drafts. We both grew up in old houses, so we choose comfort over nostalgia and buttoned everything up tight.

Here's the inside view of the destruction... err, construction. I think I cleaned up plaster dust for weeks after. The original walls are sans insulation in lieu of that futuristic forward thinking 1950's foil-lined sheet rock. Ugh!

Anyway, getting back to the list for future updates... This summer we are looking at two more windows that are already here and ready to go and a brand-spanking-new floor that I'll be talking about more on the blog. We debated long and hard about what to use and we think we've picked just the right thing.

In the meantime, I'll be hunkering down with a hot beverage and watching the snow fall while I procrastinate. Care to join me?

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