I blame it on my daughter. It wasn't until she introduced me to eyeslipsface.com or e.l.f. Cosmetics that I realized that there is a different kind of make up out there.

I'm one of those not-40-and-not-ready-to-be-50 women who struggle with the choices they make for what they put on their skin. As we get older we have less moisture in our skin and working in air conditioning or out in the elements doesn't help it either.

I use a moisturizer every day, a tip my mother taught me years ago, but so much has changed since I started wearing cosmetics. For one, we worry about the sun. No more baking and sunscreen is required, especially if you have fair skin like my daughter and I. Many cosmetics are coming out with SPF ratings on them. While this is not intended to replace sunscreen and common sense, it can help. This is where this latest find comes in to play...

e.l.f. Essential All Over Cover Stick

This little beauty comes in a range of colors, the palest being porcelain. I'm very fair and my daughter is even paler than I am (think vampire) and I would be able to match it to either of us.

This has a moisture that is incredible. I've bought other well-known brand sticks and paid tons for them. This one is soft, blends well and covers a multitude of sins. It even covers up the blotchy spots from all those years we didn't think about sunscreen. It also has an incredible smell. I don't think I've ever paid attention to the smell of a cover stick before, but I found myself sniffing it.

The very best part... It's only $1.00!

It's a smaller, fat tube, but I can see this lasting for quite some time. Also, this product isn't tested on animals and the company has a very responsible business strategy. Way to go!

F.Y.I: This is not a paid endorsement. No products were given to me to test. This one is all on me.

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