College Prep 101: The Least Your Child Should Know






Is your child headed off for College for the first time? Here just a few things they should know before you say your goodbyes. Better for them to be prepared.

1.      Doctors, medicine, insurance and what constitutes and emergency

Sniffles vs. Fever: When to be worried and when it’s time to just take a rest.
Do they know where the campus clinic is and how to make an appointment?
Insurance and what it covers: Trips to Quick Care vs. Emergency Room, etc.
Where are all their important papers and when they need them? Consent to treat forms, Insurance Forms, etc.

2.      money, budgets, good credit and playing it safe

How much money they really have? Really.
How to make a simple budget and stick to it.
The difference between credit cards and debit cards?
Why credit cards may not be the best solution keeping track of money.
Keeping an Emergency Fund: Not Intended for a Pizza Emergency.
Safeguarding their money: Do they have a plan for their valuables?

3.      Laundry: how that black hole cleans your clothes (and dries)

Darks, whites and colors: Why we don’t just throw it all in together.
Basics 101: How to do a load of laundry.
The Extras: Softeners, Bleach and Dryer sheets. When to use and when to just let it be. (Also, stain removal tips!)
Laundry Tip: Create a cheat sheet for your student and laminate it! Always helpful when parents aren’t just a call away.

4.      Food plans, extras, freshman 15 and savings on munchies

How much does your food plan actually cover? And what is the best use for those extra plan dollars?
Making the most of a tight budget at a grocery store, pharmacy, etc.. Also, money saving cards to make those munchies go farther.
You can only live so long on noodles and mac and cheese: When bad diet goes worse…


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