Would You Do a 30-Day Challenge?

Someone once told me that it takes 27 days for an action to become a habit. The action must be repeated again, and again, and again in order for the body to perceive it as a natural action.

Like most, I've seen the multitude of challenges that are posted on Pinterest and Facebook. There is everything from crunch challenges to be becoming more organized. Why is that? Because they all know that by breaking something down into manageable pieces we can gain control over something that as a whole may seem too tough to manage.

I gave a time management workshop years ago where I talked about setting goals. This is the same idea.

1. Determine what it is that you want to change. Want to be more fiscally responsible? Want to have a better butt? Want to find your kitchen counters on a daily basis? These are all worthy if they are what you want.

2. Create an action that will promote that change. Want to be better with money? For 30-days use nothing but cash. This will force you to look at how much you spend without thinking. Redbook has many more tips and tricks to help you. Want a better butt? There's a challenge for that. A 30-day Crunch challenge (plus many more on their site). Want to have a cleaner house? Check out this cleaning challenge from PopSugar, complete with printable schedule.

3. Make yourself accountable. If you are the only one who knows your goal you are less likely to win the challenge. I'm not saying that you tell everyone every little bit of information of your life, but most people spend so much time on Facebook sharing information that adding one little post such as : Day 2 to a Better Me! will go a long way (and even garner some much-needed support)! Tell your family. Tell your friends. Let them be your cheering section!

4. Repeat the action until it becomes a habit. This is the hardest part. But don't let it gets to you. You are worth the effort and even if you don't get the exact results you will have achieved something valuable.

Can you do something for 30 days that would possibly change your life? If you want it bad enough you will.

So what will be your 30-day challenge?

BONUS TIP: Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to creating your challenge. A quick search will bring you tons of motivation to create a lasting behavior.

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