Farewell to Summer and an August Celebration

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It isn't officially Fall here in Maine, but it certainly is feeling closer to it than it has in the last few weeks. I spent most of August travelling for the company. I worked in 4 different stores over the course of 5 weeks. It was interesting, at time exciting, and exhausting. I am very grateful for the opportunity, but I'm even more grateful that it's over. I did have a highlight in August that I haven't yet shared. My birthday. Most people shy away from it, but I actually like the idea of bringing family together. Hubby outdid himself this year and took me and the daughter child to lunch at Five Island Lobster Company.

It was a beautiful day befitting of a celebration and we delighted in the weather, the scenery and being together. The place was packed and while we waited for our order I took a lot of pictures with my birthday present... my new camera.

And then it happened... a sign from the Universe.

The lobster company gives out these holders in place of numbers for their orders. I nearly fell over when I saw ours. The names used are the boat names for the local lobstermen. Most wouldn't even understand the significance of this, but I knew it was something special. You see, my friend Marie had lost her brother not even a year before. And the Old Levi was his boat. I didn't know Henry, but I know Marie and that was enough. When you begin to question whether those that you love still linger after they pass I can assure you that they see you and know how you feel. This was Henry's way of getting a message to his family. Message received and delivered. And a lesson reinforced for me.

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