Bathroom Lights: One or Two?

I posted yesterday about starting the redo on the bathroom at Riverview and how tight my non-existent budget is for this project. A lot of what I will be doing is repurposing what is already there, but some of it will entail taking unusual items and repurposing them for the space. You'll see more of that as we move along with the project.
Today, I'm working on lighting options. The original lighting came from an overhead light/fan combo that we are keeping and a medicine cabinet with a built in light which we are throwing. I never really liked the amount of light it gave off and it really had no character. I'm setting out to remedy it this time by adding my own style. I'm adding a barn style fixture to the bathroom. I'm not the first. There are plenty of pics out there that people have used them so I feel comfortable with the choice. Now I just need to pic if it will be 1 or two light. The one light option will be centered and the two light option will have them placed on either side of a mirror and above it.
Which one do you like better? Let me know...

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