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I figured it was beyond time that I posted a little about myself and how this site started. You see, I wear many, many different hats. I'm a mom, wife, daughter, sister, writer, family genealogist and DIY enthusiast. I'm most happy with a project. I love old houses, and even older stories. I dream of someone handing me the keys (and a checkbook) and telling me to go restore an old house. I'm a slave to retail, just to pay the bills. And I'm a creative spirit who at times, sees other spirits. But I'll get to that last part sometime.  

I'm from Maine, which means that I've got all that Yankee ingenuity and even more of a thrifty side. I have no problem tearing down walls, or digging through bins to get a good deal. (True story on the bin from yesterday!)

You may wonder where CranberryHorn comes from. If you read the about page, then you know it's a real place. Cranberry Horn started life as a on-room school house that served the kids of the northern end of Great Island. So far, no records have been found for exactly how old it is, but we believe it was probably around 1800. At that time, there would have been several schoolhouses to cover all of the island.

(Circa 1970 - Me with a very unhappy Pussyfooter)

I come by my penchant for DIY very well. My parents purchased CranberryHorn for $1200 dollars and proceeded to make it into a home. In the beginning there was no water or septic. There was no insulation and no upstairs. The house had it's ups and downs, literally. The house was jacked up in the air for a foundation to be put in and we spent 65 days living on stilts. The poor dog had to be lifted in and out of the house.

It took years, but my parents made it into a home for my sister and I. Unfortunately, Mum passed away from cancer several years ago, but Dad remains there, watching over the place. He is a wonderful craftsman who always has a project going.

Now you know where I get it from.

When I talk about Riverview, that's my home now. It's where I've raised my kids and this 1950's ranch has been a DIY experience all in it's own. We call it Riverview because when the leaves are down we have just a glimpse of the Androscoggin River that runs beyond our property line. There have only been two previous owners besides us and each has left a very distinctive mark on the house. I hope I do it justice.

When I started CranberryHorn I wanted to showcase my love of all the things that I enjoy. That's really what this is all about. Life is a journey, and mine continues to evolve. Stay tuned to see what comes next.

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