Not Try... Do

It's been one of those weeks. Or should I say, two weeks. As usual, my life is a series of crazy people vents, linked by my insane desire to control all. Doesn't make sense, does it? But alas, I am who I am. Coping skills are in full function mode. But the truth of it is, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Baby boy (all 6'3" of him) was diagnosed with Mono this week. Yup, no way around it. That meant countless trips to the doctors and lots of sleepless nights. But he's through the worst part of it. The congested part and is now just on to the week part.

Girly girl has been home for last Christmas break from college and has been working on getting things ready to apply for jobs after graduation. Big steps and somewhat scary, but I know she will blow it out of the water, just like all she does.

So,  after a crazy couple of insanity riddled weeks I needed a reminder that I will prevail with a little faith and patience. I kept a note next to me at work. It read...

My Mum always said this and it drive me a bit crazy, but the sentiment rings clear. I even passed my note on to my friend Dani to help with her day. It's like my Mum was whispering in my ear. What do you fallback on to help you through the crazy times?

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