Review of My Kindle Fire HDX

01/29/2015: QUICK NOTE: Checked this morning and the Kindle Fire HDX was on sale for $20 Off!!!! That's $179!!!!!

For Christmas, Hubby gifted me with a new Kindle Fire HDX to replace my old iTouch that had gone missing while I was travelling for business last fall. I loved my iTouch, but mostly for the reason that I could get podcasts on it that I listened to while I was writing. There were nifty other things on it that I used to help me stay organized. I could check email, even post a blog on it. But when it was gone I had to go back to dragging my laptop around with me whenever I needed to connect... and that was just a pain.

I did own a Kindle. A beautiful Paperwhite version that I kept my secret hoard of escape fiction, as well as a few brag copies of my own books, OBSIDIAN, Stealing Darkness, and Three Truths. I loved being able to pull it out during lunch break and instantly go right to my spot. But the downside was that I couldn't connect to the internet on it to get email, or to look up something that had caught my attention.

And then there was the Kindle Fire HDX !

All I can say is OMG! I love it. In fact, everyday I find just one more thing that I love about it. It allows me to read my books, listen to my podcasts and even manage my burgeoning social media empire! Okay, maybe empire is a bit strong, but it does help me keep organized. It turns out that what it really does is utilize the apps that have been developed out there for the format. And getting the apps is easy because it links up to Amazon's App Store. Since I have the handy 1 click I can download all the apps I need. But most are actually free. (I can also play a mean game of Pet Rescue, but don't tell hubby!)

So, now I really have no excuse on being unorganized. What are your excuses?

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