Something happens when we hit our 40s. Maybe we're just too busy doing all the everyday stuff to realize it's happening, but somewhere along the way our skin begins to change. This doesn't have to be a big crisis of self-esteem. Instead, use these 7 tips for rebuilding your beauty regime to include these beauty do's!

1.  WATER! The more the better, but not so much that you spend the day running to the bathroom. I swear, our bladders shrink as we get older, while everything else expands. But water is the best for the body and the skin. As we age our skin looses it's ability to retain moisture. This makes your face feel dry and without moisture your makeup with look cakey. Drink as much as you can to make yourself feel and look good.

2.  MOISTURIZE! Actually, I recommend a moisturizer long before you hit 40, even recommended it to my teenage daughter. This helps combat the lack of moisture and makes a great base for make up. Also, they now infuse moisturizer with sunscreen, and even though it's a minimal SPF it doesn't hurt to have it. Moisturizers don't have to be fancy or expensive. Aim for one that will protect and enrich.

3.  CLEAN YOUR FACE! Don't go to bed with make up still on. Your skin looses more of it's ability to handle the unnatural stuff we put on it. Do your face a favor and let it breath by cleaning it all of nightly, and then again in the morning to get rid of the oils that build up on your face overnight. Use something good for your skin and avoid harsh soaps that rob it of moisture. I am a big fan of wipes to remove my makeup at night and Younique has a great new product called SHINE Makeup Removal Cloths. They've gone the extra step to make it gentle for those with sensitive skin and have infused it with healthy things like Rosemary, Olive and Sunflower oil and Vitamin E. Best of all, it wipes away all the remains of the day and makes you feel clean without being dried out.

4.  DON'T TORTURE YOUR SKIN!  The area around your eyes becomes even thinner as you age. The discoloration that you see is from the paper-thin area. The more you push, pull, stretch, or even touch this area the more you are going to make it look puffy. If you suffer from the bluish splotches around your eyes, try a color correcting concealer. To use any concealer or makeup around the eyes, just dap with a finger tip or sponge. NEVER SMEAR! And avoid powders that can settle in the creases.

5.  AVOID THE GLITTER! I hate it when someone tells me that I can't wear something anymore because I'm of a certain age. But the reality is, as we age our skin is quite as taut as it was before (in more than just the face.) The glitter will highlight any creases in eyelids or crows feet and amplify them. Use the same rich colors in matte and make that smoky eye sexy, not scary.

6.  SUNSCREEN! I can't stress this enough. I was one of those that didn't heed the warnings early in life and suffered some substantial burns on my fair Irish skin. Because of that I have more than remaining freckles. Sunscreen, applied often and liberally. Do it for your health.

7. OPT FOR LESS! Way too many times we try to boost our confidence by wearing things that will make a statement. Don't make your makeup a statement that you don't want! Confidence is great, but get recognized for yourself, not because of your makeup statement.

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