Hold onto your Hats! There's a Blood Moon Coming!

What is a Blood Moon? And why should I care?
Though it sounds like something straight out of the Walking Dead, there are no Zombies predicted for the full moon that will happen on April 4. This will be a pretty significant moon for many reasons, but the first is because there will be a full lunar eclipse that will happen when the earth casts it's shadow on the moon, causing it to appear reddish in color. Hence the reason it is known as a blood moon.

Here along the coast of Maine the best time to view the eclipse is around 6:13am, according to www.timeanddate.com. The best place to view will be in California, but for times in your area you can check the time and date website.

So, what does this mean for us?
Well, this full moon is in Libra. Full moons are all about letting go of what doesn't work for you and setting new objectives that will move you forward. Eclipses are about what is deeper within you. If you are sensitive to energy, then you are aware that we have been having a build up of emotions and energy. All those emotions can manifest good, or bad. The choice is completely yours. The best thing to remember with a full moon and eclipse is to take a step back before you respond. Check to make sure that your response isn't based on your on feelings on not on the greater good. Also, when you are confronted by someone who doesn't care that they should be careful with their reaction, know that your stepping back will keep the situation from escalating. It's their stuff. Repeat after me: Not my Circus. Not my Monkeys. :) You don't need to take their shit on.

Full moons are always at their most intense for 3 days before to 3 days after. Remember, this too shall pass. Look at what you can do to improve your own situation, instead of getting involved in someone elses.

Best wishes!

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