Creating New Habits

Years ago, I decided to go to workshop on Hypnosis for weight-loss. Now before you tell me that it doesn't work, I have to tell you that what I got from that workshop had nothing to do with weight-loss. The man giving the workshop was talking about creating habits that will stay with you. He said that by buying the tape he was selling and listening to it repeated we would be able to change our mindset and lose weight. Now, I didn't lose any weight that way, but I did learn one very important thing...

It takes 27 days of repeated behavior to create a habit

I've seen that number quoted as anywhere from 21 to 30, but the point really is that you need to repeat the process continually, using the same conditions and environments, and keeping the mindset the same... in order to create a behavior that will stick. Not to be disrespectful, but think about training a dog or child to do something. It takes consistency, repetition and a good attitude in order for it to stick. The good attitude is a huge part. If you don't have one you may as well give up.

So, what habit would you like to create? Give it 21 days and watch yourself succeed!

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