Intuitive Warfare: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Ever have one of those days where every interaction with another person sets you on edge? It doesn't really matter whether it was good or bad, all you know is that you would like nothing more than to crawl into a corner, cover your hands over your ears and close you eyes?

If this is the case then you probably have some empathic ability. I spent a lot of years being influenced by the emotions of others. Working retail it was a bit like being under constant fire. No matter the thickness of the walls I put up, it was always a battle. And if I failed to prepare properly? Well, I could guarantee that I was coming home with more than my own pack bag of emotional luggage.

My goal is to help you better understand that sometimes it's not YOU. Sometimes, it your own intuitive abilities that are influences you. It can affect your mindset and your health, and can be as detrimental as any illness.

So the best offense is a good defense. Take the precautions to build up your own defenses and push back on the emotions that are thrown at you.

1. During a quiet moment (and even during chaos) take a few moments, close your eyes and center yourself. Picture your own stable grounding forces and center your own energy.

2. Build that fortress of defense in your mind. Yup, brick by brick if need be, but put up those walls that will help shield the emotional attacks. I even go so far as to push them in place with a sweeping motion of my hands. This physical motion reinforces the image in brain, creating a stronger hold.

3. Medieval Castle? Revolutionary War fort? Bouncy House? It doesn't matter what your defenses look like as long as the do the job. This was actually something I struggled with along the way. I could not figure it out. But the more I practiced, the more strong it became.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice. The more you do this, the easier it will be. Also, if you suspect that the emotions that you are experiencing are not your own, it's best to reinforce those walls!

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