The great Wizzit Hard sell Debate

There seems to be an epidemic. Maybe it was always like it and I merely had blinders on. There are rules to marketing yourself and your business and one of the biggest is that you can have the best product in the world,but if you act in an unethical or aggressive manner there is nothing in the world that can save your sale. You are trying to get people to invest their time and money into you and your product. Do you want to be constantly chased for the sale? Humility is endearing, making others feel that they can relate to you.

Let me give you an example. Suzy works hard and has two jobs. Her friend just started selling the latest and greatest wizzit maker and on her first party she invites all her friends and relatives who buy something to show their respect, including Suzy. Now, when the next party rolls around and there a few to none in sales, her friend goes into super salesman mode, filling her Facebook feed and messaging her friend daily. The next time Suzy sees her friend in the store she slips out the side door to avoid the sales pitch. Now her friend has not only lost out on an opportunity to invest in a long-term relationship, one where Suzy buys periodically as her budget allows and mentions the great wizzit to all her friends who in turn want their own wizzit.

Most people in direct sales who reach the coveted "inner circle" are those who develop relationship with their customers. They invest in them and they are authentic in their dealings. Like friendships, these are the thing that give them value.

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