CranberryHorn and Halfdog Changes

The title sounds a bit like a cartoon, but it's just a change that you are going to see going on with my blog. CranberryHorn has been through some transitions lately and this is hopefully the last for a long while. You will see that the focus of CranberryHorn is going back to what I was doing before... more things to make life a little easier. I'm going to be doing recipes. Talking about teenagers (and grown kids) and sharing some insight into my life. It's going to be what I intended it to be.

But what is Halfdog? Well, it's my Coaching/Mentoring spot where I'll show how to create effective leaders, offer insight into creating a power team and offering tips for those interested in MLM or Direct Sales. Most of you know that I'm a representative for Younique, but I've recently signed on as a Wellness Advocate for doTerra, so you'll probably be noticing some posts about that as well.

I hope you stick with me on this crazy journey and if you have any questions, just pop me a line!

Have a great day!

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