What You Need to Succeed!

Whenever someone expresses and interest in "doing what I do" I always tell that it's great that they want to take that step and that I'll support them in their journey, but I also ask them "WHY" they want to go into Direct Sales?

Some look at me in bewilderment, others have no idea what I'm talking about and there are those that really are passionate about what brought them on this journey.

Lesson 1: You need passion in anything you do in order to succeed!

   Without passion, you may go far, but you will never really be happy in your journey!

Lesson 2: Be prepared to wait for it! Exercise patience!

Disclaimer. I have little or no patience. Never have. It kills me to wait for something. But when it's important I can do it. Case in point: I wrote for 12 years and 4 books before being published. If I can do it so can you! Just because someone tells you that they were able to make loads of money and have all kinds of new toys and did it practically overnight... doesn't mean it will happen to you. I do believe that you will succeed! But you need to work for it, to earn it!

Lesson 3: Goals are Never Set in Stone!
And shouldn't be...

Wait, what? Goals are really the backbone of your plans, and plans are needed in order to create a successful business. But changing? They should change. Constantly. Not like every couple of minutes, but certainly they should reevaluated on a consistent basis. 3 months. 6 months. What works for you. But I would suggest often. You need to readjust your sails in order to catch the wind. If something isn't working, find a new way to do it. I'm not saying give up. I never give up. But I do think that there is no shame in changing things up.

So, this being said, do you have what it takes?

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