12 Steps Back: Living with Hashimotos

See this face? This face and the rest of me is really not amused. I waited for 2 weeks to get into my regular doctor and then get no help.

In all fairness, she really is trying to help me. But for anyone who has dealt with the wide range of symptoms from Hashimotos, you know my frustration.

The visit basically consisted of me trying to convey the severity of a flare up that happened two weeks ago. The problem is that the regular blood work shows nothing.

Maybe another thyroid function test?

That leads to another problem. I'm horrible to get blood from. Not a new issue. I've dealt with this for years. They dig around and pick at me until they find a good vein, but really not any place that is a good choice. Every time I get blood drawn (or they try) I go through this all over again. I left yesterday without the blood work done after she was getting visibly frustrated and was digging around on the top of my hand.


Feel like I'm complaining. Maybe I am. I know that it's not the end of the world, but I am trying to take control of my health and finding lots of obstacles.

Never mind the complaining! Reloading on the positive vibes and will be back in fighting form soon! Stay with me!


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