Sparkly Goodness! Awesome Price

I was searching the beauty racks at the local Wally World the other day and I found these goodies.
I actually went in search of Hard Candy's Glamoflauge, but that's another post. Anyway! I came across HARD CANDY SHEER GLOW ALL THE WAY. It's a soft glow ILLUMINATOR (new word for the factoids) and I chose the darker of the two colors called IN THE BUFF.

The bottom one would be the In the Buff color.

Don't let the color fool you. SHEER GLOW goes on sheer like a tinted moisturizer and gives an iridescent shimmer that lasts during a regular work day. I'm pale, pale, pale and I wanted something that would give me the barest hint of color without making me look like I dipped myself in the bucket of tanning gel. This was really good. The price wasn't bad either at $8 for a generous 2.7 ounce tube.

Good Point: Medium to light glow, lightweight, and good price.
Bad Point: Daughter compared me to Cedric the Sparkly Vampire, but that might have just been sarcasm.

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