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Phew! We had a rough week last week. It was the second official week of football practice and already my son is hurt. During summer weight lifting he dropped a barbell thingy and it hit his leg on the way down. It swelled up and created a pocket of fluid in his leg that has yet to fully go away. I knew it was bad because he let me put some of "THAT STUFF" on his leg. That stuff being my essential oil Deep Blue rub that has essential oils in it. I've been offering him some all season and he would just roll his eyes at me. But when the chips were down (or the leg was up!)... well, you get the idea!

Dear daughter was having trials of her own. Now that she has graduated college, she's been working mucho hours in the produce section at the supermarket until the coveted position with the local police department comes up. Good News! The positions for the department opened this week! Bad News?! She hasn't been running or getting in condition because she hurt her leg at the grocery store. She's been going to physical therapy, but she's going to have to push it to make it work. She even let me use the Deep Blue stuff on her. It brought down the swelling and made it bearable.

Hubby was having trials of his own. Going back to work after a 2-week vacation had left him sore and achy. Bring out the smelly stuff to make him feel better! (By now, I'm feeling very smug and justified in my pushiness!)

And then there was me! My Hashimoto's had a major flare up last week, leaving me with aching joints that felt as if someone was going to saw my bones apart. I used the Deep Blue oil and put it on the joints of my hands. It made typing that much less of a chore!

So, it was 4-0 this week in favor of the Deep Blue! Thank you!

If you would like more information on using Essential Oils to benefit your daily wellness, email me at bgo.cranberryhorn@gmail.com and I'd be glad to help you.

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