Living With Hashimoto's: Testing the Waters Daily

Honestly, there are some days that I think I just will not be able to function without caffeine. Over the course of the last year I have given up a great deal of things that I enjoyed... like pasta. But even knowing that I would be better off without it, I haven't been able to give up my one true vice.

I'm not a huge coffee drinker. Depending on the day, it's usually a large or extra large DD with almond milk and sugar. (For those of you outside New England, DD is Dunkin' Donuts). Anyway, this morning was an extra large morning. I was sporting a major headache. You know the kind where you don't really want to lift your head off the pillow? I took my Thyroid meds and plenty of Tylenol and it still wasn't touching it so I went with coffee. Now, three hours later, I am almost at the bearable point.

Okay, so I promised an update! I have been on the Synthroid almost a month. It's a small dose to see if it had any effect. I wouldn't say it's been huge, but there were some advantages to it. I think I'm more leveled out, mood-wise. I had a huge issue with my dad an sister's health this month, almost 2 weeks worth of running back and forth to the hospital, and while I did have one panic attack it was much better than it could have been.

Sleep still eludes me, but even though my regular doctor tells me that it might be sleep apnea, I'm not convinced. I got a primer lesson on sleep apnea (I'll do a post on this soon) and I don't think it's that. My weight hasn't changed any, unfortunately. And I still have the occasional problem with fluid, but I think it's my body fighting stuff off.

So, after almost a month on the Synthroid I am at a middle of the road place. Hashimoto's makes this a day to day thing and I think that's my lesson... I just need to take it day to day.

I'll update more soon.

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