Looking for Pet for Christmas? 4 Things to Consider

We got Whiskey just a couple of days before Valentine's. Out of all the dogs at the Androscoggin Shelter, Whiskey was the one that tugged at my heartstrings until I couldn't say no. As we walked by all of the kennels filled with jumping, yipping and barking doggies, Whiskey was the only one who sat patiently, waiting to be noticed. I melted.

The challenges of photographing a Border Collie.
I now find it hard to remember what it was like before we got him. He has changed my life and his.
For those of you who are considering gifting a pet for Christmas, I encourage you to think about a couple of things.
1. Please adopt or rescue from a reputable person. Beware of those who breed for profit and put the animals lives at stake. There are plenty of reputable breeders out there, but there are just as many dogs in shelters that need love. Sharing love with them is the best gift of all.
2. This is a lifetime commitment. At least the lifetime of the dog. Even if you get a puppy, you are only looking at a 10-15 year commitment. Every day. If you don't like commitment, don't get a pet. They deserve the same chances at love that you do.
3. Just like people, pets need time to adjust to you and their new life. There is a definite transition period that is needed with any new addition to your family. They come with baggage, just like humans. They have scars, internal and external... you just need to love them enough to make them feel safe and secure.
4. Love them with all your heart, because they will give you no less.

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