Sunday Soulwork: 3 Ways to Increase your Soul Energy

Whether you realize it or not, you've got a great store of personal energy. That energy is what flows through you daily and enables you to create, believe, restore, rejuvenate, empower, and much more. Like the Chakra or energy centers that are throughout your body, your personal soul energy flows continuously as long as it is nurtured and encouraged. Doing simple things like meditation can help to channel that energy, but there are some other things that can be done just as simply.

Listen to the quiet. Have you ever sat in the complete stillness and listened to the quiet? It's satisfying to the soul. Sound has a way of either grating against the natural energy centers of the body or enhancing. Like a good song that can lull you into a state of ease, a continuous noise, even a background noise, will ratchet up your nerves. Even when you don't notice it is happening.

Take a walk. Walk the dog. Walk with a friend. Walk with your family. It serves a very real purpose. The walk with increase the air intake into your body, feeding your cells. The briskness of the walk with serve to charge your body, revving it up. If you think of fuel being distributed through an engine while running, it's the same for the body. While moving you are in fact disbursing that energy into all parts of your body.

Take a shower. A simple shower can help to clear away the negative energy surrounding the body. It's kind of a defoliating, or shedding. The rhythmic sound of the shower is akin to meditation and the water against your body helps stimulate.

All of these things are simple steps that help heal and encourage your soul's energy to grow, providing peace and passion and warding off the stagnancy of a sedentary life.


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