I know that our travels have been a chance for you to impart your great travel wisdom on us in the past, I'm hoping that just this once you will take it as experience learned and let us have a rather uneventful trip?

It isn't that we don't appreciate the lessons you offered us... after all, how often does a person get to flee a flooding state in the middle of the night, or learn how to treat heat exhaustion in the middle of August in Florida? These are both really good skills to acquire. 

I also get that you really have a strange sense of humor and that you don't give us more than we can handle, but perhaps some of these lessons were just a little too much. Still, who am I to complain?

I know, I know... Karma and in particular Travel Karma comes from the result of our own actions. I understand the whole reap what you sow kind of thing. But haven't we gathered us up some really good points along the way?

Since we are once again travelling on Thursday, I am hoping that you will bestow a little Grace and some of that wondrous humor on us and give us some reward this time. I'll leave it in your hands....

Sincerely and with utmost respect,

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