5 Tips for Looking for a Job at a Job Fair

Just came home from a job fair where I represented our small company. A few things became very evident while interacting and observing the attendees.

1. Smile. This is not a death sentence. Prospective employers like people who smile. Friendliness is good. Scowling says to a prospective employer that you may be difficult to work with and perhaps set too much in your own ways to take on a new position.

2. Be Prepared. By this I mean, have copies of your resume available. Research who is going to be available at the Job Fair and do the legwork before you come to the fair. I guarantee that someone is going to ask you what type of job you are looking for. How you respond says a lot about you. Just a couple of sentences can make a difference.

"I have a background in Technology. With my training in XY and Z, I'm looking for a position that will enable me to use my skills."

3. Do you want to work for a large company or a small company? Believe it or not, this is a factor when looking at the mass of presenters. Don't discount what you perceive to be a small company. Both large and small offer their own advantages.

4. Presentation is Everything. I'm not saying you should be wearing a $500 suit, but I do expect you to be presentable. If I'm looking for a person to work a labor position I'm okay with them coming in in business casual. If I am hiring a manager, I expect a tie for men and a jacket for women. Leave the flowy dresses at home and the tie dyed t-shirts. Also, please be sure your pants are in the high-up position. It doesn't matter what position I'm hiring for, low pants are never the inducement to hire.

5. Ask Questions. I mean it! Ask me questions. That's what I'm there for is for you to discover the company and maybe find a fit that will work for both of us. As much as possible, I'll engage people in conversations. Often, I'll send someone to another booth because I know that they are hiring for a position I don't have. Those questions don't have to be overly formal. Ask about the size of the company. Ask about the benefits available. If I don't have the position you want, ask if we ever hire for it. I'm there to help you as well as us. Make it easy for both of us.

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