CranberryHorn: The Top 5 Things I Forgot This Weekend!

Sigh! I don't even want to count how many times I've done this. I pack at the last minute and forget a few important things. This was a working weekend, covering of the Purse Line booth for the Maine Fishermen's Forum. I'm not a newbie to tradeshows. You'd think I'd remember the basics, but did I? Nope. So here's the five things I usually leave behind and end up needing desperately on a business trip.

#1 Water... Preferably in a water bottle. Simple really, but if you've worked in conference centers and hotels you know that the recycled air can really dry out your skin, lips, body. Best to stay hydrated and do it in style. Best part... this bottle is BPA free and holds tons.

#2 Warm Socks - The temps were in the 20's for this weekends conference and while I loved the view, I was just as happy to be snuggling in the room with a pair of warm socks covering my toes. I never seem to have enough. Might be worth to just pack a couple pairs of these warm woolen goodies in my overnight and leave them there for the next trip!

#3 Tweezers - Hubby laughed at me when I made a mad dash to nearest beauty counter in search of tweezers. But somehow the mirrors in those hotels always have better lighting, better coverage... and always find something I've missed. Besides, no matter how many times I buy them, someone always comes along and steals them out of my make up bag. I think I'd better attach them with a lock.

#4  Snack - Ever seen the vending machines in a hotel? Enough said. Unless you want to pay a fortune for a limited selection of goodies with no nutritional value you might as well buy a few bits in your travel bag and save the money you'd have spent on your retirement fund.

#5Charger cord - It doesn't matter how many of them I put in my purse I never have one when I get where I'm going. I remember my phone, my tablet and my camera, but do you think I've got a cord? Nope. What I really need is an organizer for all the goodies. Something like this would really help.

So... what do you leave behind when you pack? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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