Happy Easter from CranberryHorn

Hubby and I took advantage of Easter and Maine Maple Sunday falling on the same day and headed for Ricker Hill Farm in Turner, Maine. We dragged daughter along. She's a big fan of Ricker Hill Farm as she works in the produce department for Hannaford and they were recently given a tour of the farms to promote the brand.

 Most Mainers know Ricker Hill for their sweet, crisp apples, but the folks at Ricker Farms have been branching out into quite a bit of other projects that include hard cider, cranberry harvests, maple syrup production and even disc golf.

When we got there the syrup boilers were hard at work. You can barely see it in the picture above, but the steam was pouring out the doors and vents of they syrup building. Everyone there was friendly and offered tons of information on the process. The smell was incredible. Just walking the grounds made everything smell like warm, sweet Heaven.

Inside, their store was packed. They were serving breakfast of waffles, crepes and other goodies with syrup. There were tons of stuff to pick from and there were long tables set up for you to munch away in comfort. We decided on a mix of homemade donuts in apple, maple and chocolate flavors! 

  While we were there, hubby couldn't resist digging through the bin of lost and found discs for the special one he lost last year in the cranberry bog that they use as a water hazard for the disc golf course. No such luck!

Speaking of bogs! This is the (offending) water feature that trumped up the hubby's game. They are a beautiful burnished red color, and Ricker Hill has quite a few of them set up on the farm.

And don't forget to check out the Tasting Room! It was packed with people sampling the various brands that they produce and carry.

Maine Maple Sunday was a success for our family. I love supporting Maine farms and I can't think of a better way to do that then to buy from them. Have a local farm you love? Let them know by buying locally!
Happy Easter everyone!

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