Living with Hashimoto's: March TSH Numbers

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In an effort to share my journey through this lovely thing called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis I have been keeping you updated on my numbers. This is not a standard or typical by any means, but it does give you some idea of what I'm going through.

General Stuff:
My doctor upped my dosage of Synthroid at the end of February because my TSH level took a nose dive when I went for a blood test to update. I gave it 30 days and had my blood tested again during the last week of March. My numbers had been in the middle to slightly high level at 2.11 and then started changing from there. Initially, there wasn't much concern but they have continued to fall. You can see the post about that here LIVING WITH HASHIMOTOS: KNOWING THE NUMBERS.

Anyway, the last test had me at 7.11 and with this last test it had gone back down to 6.15. This is good. This is a reversal of the numbers. I just need to watch it and see that it continues in that direction.

I add this, not because I am complaining, but because it may help someone else going through this. There are more than what I have listed here, but I'll share what I feel comfortable sharing.

Pain level:  I have had a lot of pain in my neck and radiating down into my chest. This is almost like nerve issues, not muscular. There is still a considerable amount of swelling in my neck, but this is most likely due to the nodes that are on my thyroid and my thyroid being swollen from the increase in medication. Usually, acetaminophen will do the trick, but yesterday it had to be more.

Appetite seems to be a bit better.
My hair (which is usually a really good indicator of how it is progressing) is okay. Some hair loss, but not much.

Weight: While I'd rather not talk about it, I will. It sucks. I don't eat much, but it is still going up. I do eat small things throughout the day or my blood sugar fluctuates.

Mood: Still hopeful. Had a weepy moment when I didn't feel good, but all in all I'm good. It helps that I'm a glass-half-full kinda gal.

Swelling: Umm, I actually had to think about this, so I guess it hasn't been as bad, or I just didn't notice it.

Exhaustion: This one is hard to track also. I am constantly on the go, but I do know that I have had less of the moments when I just want to lie down where I am and go to sleep. I push myself pretty hard, so I would say that this is at a moderate level.

As I said before, this is by no means a standard for Hashimoto's. All you have to do is go on a message board, or read the blogs that are out there to see that everyone's journey is different. My choice was to share so that someone might find relate or find something that helps them. I hope you all are well.

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