7 Baby Steps to Money

I've been reading lots of books by Dave Ramsey as I work on Debt Project. So much of what he says is common sense things that we all know are what we should do, but we convince ourselves otherwise by giving in to emotion and denial.

I've lived a long time in denial when it comes to my money. 2016 is the year that I face up to the fact that I suck when it comes to managing finances. The best way to face it and correct it is to research it. I'm a person who thrives on process. I love finding out how things are made and what steps people took to reach their goals. I'm treating this journey no different.

Dave Ramsey offers 7 Baby Steps to reaching your goal and here they are:

The Seven Baby Steps

1 Save $1,000 in a starter emergency fund.
2 Pay off all debt using the debt snowball.
3 Put 3-6 months of expenses in savings.
4 Invest 15% of income toward retirement.
5 Build a college fund for your children.
6 Pay off your mortgage.
7 Build wealth and give!

All of them make sense to me, but getting my money in order is not a passive activity. It requires daily challenging myself to do better. I'm up for it.

Do you use the baby steps? Do you use a different method. Let's start the conversation.

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