Amazon Prime: Aiding my Addiction

In all fairness, it's not Amazon's problem that I developed my addiction. It was there long before I started using Prime.

My name is Bethany and I'm addicted to competitive low-price shopping. 

It started with a small deal. Just once... or rather one-week. My local grocery store had a Five for $5 dollar deal on four-packs of cat food. That breaks it down to just $.50 a can and a $1.00/day for beloved cat-moochers. This was better than the 1.45/4-pack that I had been paying up until then. I promptly went out and bought enough to supply me for 40 days! 

But my addiction once again reared it's ugly head when the stockpile began to run low again. How could I face shopping for cat food when I knew I was unlikely to break my .50/can deal? After all, I'm nothing but competitive when it comes to a true deal. addiction once again reared it's ugly head when the stockpile began to run low...

And then I went to Amazon. I'd cross checked prices for many of the household staples over the last year. I've had a Prime membership, giving me access to great stuff with free 2-day shipping. That's a mighty draw when it comes to getting a good deal. So, once again I logged on to see if I could beat my lowest price.  

Score! By searching the different size packages of cat food I was able to find an amazing deal. Only .43/per can! On top of that, I was able to buy their dry food package for $3 less than I pay for it at the local mega store. Best of all, it all arrived at my door within 2 days with free shipping!

At this amazing price I was able to stock up for months! Now all I have to do is figure out where to store it! 


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