When Life Hands You Lemons...

The long holiday weekend started out well. I managed to get a large amount of items checked off my list and was working toward getting more done on Monday between football practice and back to school shopping.

But fate had other plans.

About an hour into practice my dear son calls to tell me that I need to come get him. He's broken his collarbone. This is bad. Very bad. I can hear the pain in his voice and I know without a doubt that the pain is from more than the breakage. Will has spent his entire football career working toward this one year. He's a senior and he made it as one of the Captains. Life was looking good.

And then the lemons showed up.

Now don't think me mean because I'm talking about football instead of his health, but they are tied together. He was a kid who never played until Junior High. He beat all the odds. All the other kids had been playing for years. He was bigger, slower and not as aggressive as some of the other kids. He had never considered himself a leader, but he transformed himself in time to become one.

There is just as much mental pain here as physical. I've seen parents wrapped up in their kids sports, but I always cringed when he went on the field, knowing that one good hit could do irreversible damage. I let him because it was his passion. Everyone should have something that they are passionate about. That passion taught him lots of lessons, leadership, reliability, setting goals and meeting them, even putting aside yourself to help others. For that I could hide my eyes when he played.

But now, here we are, only 1 official game into the season and he will be out for the majority of his senior year. He is heartbroken. Bones mend, hearts are harder to heal. I can tell him all the lovely platitudes that my mother told me. Something else will come along. It happens for a reason. But even saying those kills me.

I know that there will be incredible opportunities for him ahead. Football may or may not be a part of it, but the lessons he's learned will be carried on. His heart will mend and so will his bones. With time, it will all get better.

Still, the next time Life hands me lemons... I'm just going to throw them back Life.

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