The term is a nautical one that dates back to 1800's, but the idea is one that is universal. It means to remain balanced, to stay steady. That's not so easy when you have Hashimoto's.

When I first found out that I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis I was relieved. You wouldn't think that the news that you have an incurable condition would be cause for celebration, but I had already been through years of testing and tribulations to get to the diagnosis. This is not uncommon for many with the condition. On average, it takes 3 years be diagnosed for many. I was just over that, but not by much. Because the symptoms that accompany the disease are so varied and so many (there are over 300 known symptoms), doctor's tend to treat the symptoms before treating the disease. It's only when you take a step back and look at the big picture that you can see that there is a reason to look for a root cause.

In my case, I had a fantastic doctor. He was an Osteopathic doctor, dedicated to treating the whole person and not just the condition. But even he was stymied when I would come to him time and again with exhaustion, anxiety, random swelling of extremities and back. Add to it that I was never one to go to the doctor until I absolutely had to, and you've got a mystery that was proving impossible to solve. It wasn't until I read an article on thyroid health in a magazine that I began to put it all together. I took the article to my doctor to show him. He'd already had my thyroid checked, but it hadn't been checked for the antibodies that show up with Hashimoto's. One referral and one test, and I finally had a diagnosis.

But that was just the beginning... 

I have often told my husband that I feel like a GPS that is constantly recalculating. One little change can throw me off big time. Continued exposure to stress is a huge issue. Normally, your body uses your thyroid to regulate changes in your body as it reacts to stimulus. But when the thyroid isn't functioning properly, the body reacts by becoming weak and attacking itself.

I take Synthroid to help my thyroid, but I have also begun supplementing the medication with vitamins and supplements to help the body do what it can't do naturally. I would suggest getting a full blood screening to assess what you are missing and to consult your doctor for suggestions. I would also suggest that if your doctor is only treating symptoms and not the cause that it might be best to look for a new doctor. There are places online that can help you find a supportive doctor in your state. I'd suggest going to and check out her articles on the subject.

All in all, it really becomes a challenge to regulate all the needs of your body while dealing with Hashimoto's. One works for months, may change and not work at all. There is that whole GPS thing I talked about.

The best we can do is to educate ourselves and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, treating both the body and mind. Maybe then, we'll find some peace.

(This article is part of a continuing series that I write for my blog where I talk about my condition and my experience. This in no way constitutes medical advice. Any information given here is from my own experience only, unless otherwise indicated.)

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