Things I Learned in the Quiet

Today, I learned... 

1. That building a wooden mast for a ship is a special job that requires hours of planing and shaping to get it just right. The end must be shaped to fit snugly in place and the there is a tapering that is need to make it work the way it should.

2. I also learned that the Vikings using loose rocks as ballast in their ships (ballast is a stabilizer that is used in the bottom of a bottom to keep it steady) and that in rough seas it would often shift and cause them problems.

3. This place I work is like a candy store for a writer who loves to write about people from Maine.

My day job has many blessings, some of which I'm not always the most thankful for having. But today, today was a morning where I learned more in the quiet moments before work, than in a month of just living day to day.

The men who work for my company are all very hardworking and intelligent in a way that comes from doing the work, not reading about it. They remind me very much of my father and my Uncle Warren. When working on a project, they are rarely looking for a shortcut, but are always looking for an improvement. They know how to fix things without the help of YouTube... something I can't say for myself. And they look at people and their surroundings in a very different way than most. Their judge of man isn't what he owns, but how he handles himself. I think the country could use a lot more of this and a lot less of discarding people because of our own preconceived notions.

So, this is my list for today. What they told me will probably end up in a book somewhere and for that I'm grateful.

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