Dear Hashimoto's... I hate you.

Dear Hashimoto's,

I'd like to start this note to you in the friendliest of manners, but the truth is... I hate you. I have endeavored to keep your daily pain and issues from my mind. Instead, I persevere, but sometimes it becomes more than a body can stand.

No one goes through their life completely unscathed. What I deal with is not so different from my Mum-in-Law who has Lupis, my sister who is dealing with the after effects of cancer and chemo, or my cousin who deals with the daily pain of migranes. Call each of these what you will, but they are trials that we all have to deal with and each of them have the stigma of not being a "visible" illness.

These people that I know, the ones with Hashi's and the ones that are dealing with other issues that fill the our social media feeds like Lyme Disease, degenerative bone and disk issues, and yes, mental health issues like depression, these are the strongest people I know. Mostly, because they carry on with daily life. Often they are in pain that robs them from doing simple things without enduring a reactions that steal our breath away. So many are dealing with multiple symptoms, pain, depression, anxiety. The illness may be the root cause, but the rest of it all fall neatly into place like a deck of cards. And those cards are stacked against us.

So, my dear Hashimoto's, your daily attempts to deter me with deep muscle pain, inflammation that makes it difficult to move and the usual hair loss, anxiety and inability to embrace the heat of even a Maine summer... I'm still here. You may think that you can stop me, but you can't... you won't. I am made of stronger stuff and I will persevere. Despite your attempts to differ.



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