What Generation Are you?

I'm a Gen Xer. I was born between 1965 and 1979. (And please don't do the math.) That makes both my husband I Gen Xers, though he could really care less. I always thought I was a child of Baby Boomers, but after reading this I discovered that my parents missed that mark by just a few short years. So what came before Baby Boomers? And why should this matter?

My parents were born in 1938 and 1940, making them a part of what is called the Traditional or Silent Generation. Instead of the Boomers who were born post WWII, they lived through them and their generation were parented by those that had lived through the Depression and WWI. Think about what an impact that had on their upbringing. What a difference that made to their outlook.

When George H. W. Bush passed away in 2018 he was touted as part of the "Greatest Generation". What is that? Well that's a term that was coined by Tom Brokaw to describe the generation that was born during WWI and after, when the feeling of patriotism was at it's highest and many went on to fight in WWII or support the military efforts.

Why should you care what generation you are? Frankly, it doesn't mean anything, but there are some very real statistics when it comes to the different age groups. Did you know that while there is much talk about the drain on our aging system and Social Security by Baby Boomers, there are approximately 77 million in that age group. Yup, that's a lot, but that expanded population and economy doesn't stop after the Baby Boomers. My Generation X makes up 27.7% percent of the population. More than the 26% of their parents the Baby Boomers. That Social Security and those traditional means of long term care and something that will not go away with the Boomer generation. It's here to stay and it's going to become more of an issue.

So, if you're like me and you are a Gen X looking forward in a few years to retirement, do you have a game plan for your own financial security? Have you taken stock and made corrections to secure your future?

What is the number one tip you could give a Generation Z who is just starting out on the path? I'd love to hear you answers.


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