CranberryHorn is real a place.

You won't find it on most maps, but it's been immortalized in books and in hearts for hundreds of years. It's the place of my childhood and it's the same for many others. Originally, CranberryHorn served as a one room schoolhouse on the upper end of Great Island, Maine.

Author Robert Peter Tristam Coffin went to school there and gathered his memories to write about in his books and poems. My father attended the school, and included his own memories of going to school there along with turning it into a home. It wasn't an easy or a quick task him and my mother, but they were able to transformed the shell of the old school (with no running water and only a stove to heat it) into a place filled with love and laughter.

As for me, I wear many, many hats during my day. I'm mom, wife, and a writer who fits her imagination in around a full time job, house renovations and an affinity for anything fun, vintage, or funky.

Please join me at CranberryHorn.com as I talk about my writing, new finds, vintage stuff, our renovation adventures and lots of other stuff.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.

If you'd like to contact me about something that you've seen on CranberryHorn.com you can email me here or at bgo.cranberryhorn@gmail.com .

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