You may not know this, but I'm also an author, having published three fiction books under the name Teagan Oliver.

Want more information on my books? Check them out below or on my website I can also be found on Facebook as Teagan Oliver, on Twitter @TeaganOliver and for more details on my upcoming projects, check out my author page on Amazon at TEAGAN OLIVER.

Romantic Suspense

When a boat explosion kills his best friend, Coast Guard Officer Jamie Rivard sets off to investigate the connection between his death and a smuggling operation off the coast Maine. But going back to Maine means coming to terms with his brother's death while guarding his heart from a beautiful widow with troubles of her own.

Shelby Teague knows the risks of making a living from the ocean. When her brother disappears while diving, Shelby must overcome her fears and trust in a stranger with a few secrets of his own in order to get her brother back.
Together, Shelby and Jamie must race against a coming storm as they begin to realize that no matter how far or fast you run from your past, you can never outrun your heart.

A Darkness Paranormal Novella
Paranormal Suspense

Minn Sterling ran away from Crescent Lake to escape the psychic legacy left to her by her mother and to protect her heart from the man she was too scared to love. But when three women are mysteriously killed and the only connection the police have is her psychic link to the killer, Minn has no choice but to face her fears and run back into the arms of the one man who believes in her enough to catch the killer.

Romance (Sweet)

magic, destiny and fate… Katie Talmadge has had her fill of all three while living in Salem, Massachusetts. Now, she wants nothing more than her little flower shop to occupy her life. But when a mysterious woman promises to change her life with three fateful truths, Katie begins to believe in a magic that can only come from the heart. Simon Thorton knows his aunt is crazy for enlisting his help with guiding Katie. He’s perfectly content with his antiques and his memories of his deceased wife. But fate and his aunt have their own plans for him when he begins to look beyond the past and look forward to the future… a future with Katie.

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