Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?
Honestly, I'd gotten to the point where I was saying... why not? After several years and lots and lots of expensive tests that had all come back negative, I was at a loss. I seriously thought that my doctor was beginning to believe it was all in my head. Even I was starting to think that. All I knew was that I had gotten to a place where I refused to go back to the doctor until I had more information and a clearer path.
That path led me to the grocery store check out line!
I was getting lunch one day and happened to be checking out the Women's World Magazine on the counter. You know the magazine, the one that usually offers a fantastic diet plan next to an unbelievably tempting chocolate cake? Anyway, that particular week they were talking about stress levels, weight issues, mood swings, mysterious pain symptoms and hair loss. I was floored. I had all of those things. And they were linking it to thyroid problems.
But I'd been tested for thyroid issues.
I went back and brought the article with me. I handed it to the doctor and pointed to the cover and said, "this is me". He took a look at it and sent me back for another thyroid test. This time more extensive. The diagnose, after years of suffering and tests, was Hashimoto's. It's an autoimmune disease that basically wreaks havoc and eventually destroys the thyroid. And since the thyroid is basically the center of operations for so many body functions, I now knew what was screwing me up.
Every time I'd go back to the doctor he'd prescribe a new medicine for a new symptom. Frankly, that was getting scary. I didn't want to be that chick that was taking a boat load of medicine.So really, essential oils were what saved me from the host of symptoms.
 It was then that a friend introduced me to Essential Oils.
In all fairness, Misty introduced me to the company and essential oils because our new adopted rescue dog was having problems with skin issues. But when I started seeing what they could do and how well they worked I started using them on myself.  
Interested in seeing what they can do for you? Ask me, or for more info, check out my site at

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